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When Brands Lose Face

Consider a situation where this is true, whatever a brand says, you believe non of it and then consider all the wasted efforts and money the Advertises puts out and all for nothing, maybe even causing more harm than good. Going on and never realizing the only way to fix things is by being more true to what really matters. Loyalty to their customers and the promises they make. Being true to all the messages they broadcast on a daily bases, messages and visuals that cost hard cash and lots of hard efforts and creative juice. Its sad, watching these TV ads that look so great and are done so well, and instead of feeling something positive, filling me with the need to consume their service or product, I nod my head left to right, (tisk, tisk), thinking to my self, “really? Do you really expect me to believe that? After what you have put me through?”

Why The “Digital” Needs To Be Worked In From The Beginning

The Digital, has to be worked in the Marketing plan from the beginning to insure an effective loop of communication. Each medium needs to be planned for as a whole then separately, considering the overall objectives, and then breaking it down to the different tools out there to see how each can play its role in making the stated objectives a reality!

To What Extent Will Those With Great “Multiple-Thinking” Capabilities Be Able To Progressively Influence The New Media?

The impact of the “new media” has clearly affected our lives forcing changes in many aspects of our daily communications. Internet for example is reaching more people everywhere every day. In recent years electronic games, home computers and cell phones are playing an omnipresent roles in the lives of both children and adults. Recent surveys show that economy of the Middle East and especially the economy of Saudi Arabia is booming with the substantial penetration of the internet, mobile phones and e-commerce. It is said that nearly 50% of online users are making online purchases.