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International Nomads | To What Extent Will Those With Great “Multiple-Thinking” Capabilities Be Able To Progressively Influence The New Media?


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To What Extent Will Those With Great “Multiple-Thinking” Capabilities Be Able To Progressively Influence The New Media?


The impact of the “new media” has clearly affected our lives forcing changes in many aspects of our daily communications. Internet for example is reaching more people everywhere every day. In recent years electronic games, home computers and cell phones are playing an omnipresent roles in the lives of both children and adults. Recent surveys show that economy of the Middle East and especially the economy of Saudi Arabia is booming with the substantial penetration of the internet, mobile phones and e-commerce. It is said that nearly 50% of online users are making online purchases. (http://www.ameinfo.com/143272.html)
The new media was born with an enormous challenge from the traditional media (print, radio, TV, etc.) but it offered attractive unlimited new channels of information and unparalleled resources which contained possibilities of controlled integration, navigation, and interaction of content. These resources have altered the position of traditional media and created fresh and unique competition for multiple-thinking innovators to identify the as yet unlimited extent of the power of the new media.
Businesses by and large have traditionally relied on consumer needs but the power of new media has proven their ability to alter these needs, resulting in changes in the economy. In recent days, in order for any business to cope with the increasingly competitive environment, it have been forced to put more effort into its advertising by finding more flexible ways to deliver information. This in return has forced the traditional media to improve many aspects of their techniques, sometimes adopting various of the new media techniques and technologies in order to reach both existing and prospective audiences.
Businesses are trying to maintain a healthy relationship with their audiences in a very competitive market but the bar of quality is continually rising. The integration of the different platforms and channels require not only multiple-skilled designers with higher education but also refined education in some fields. “Creative” personnel must now obtain minimum levels of multiple-thinking capabilities such as the ability to produce extraordinary visual, musical and virtual artwork like the one we can see in the virtual 3D online gaming industries.
(World of warcrafts by blizzard entertainment http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/index.xml )
In some countries consumers are able to complete an entire business transaction with the click of a TV remote control. They can also pay bills and receive coupons and promotions through cell phones. A Chinese electrical manufacturer company has now integrated small screens to bread toasters that they can be connected to the internet to receive the latest news and daily weather reports. People can thus get updated with what’s happening around them as soon as they start the day. Many online dating agencies offer services like text notifications to X visitor if his or her favorite visitor is actually online right now or if he or she is traveling within 10 miles from the location of X visitor. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. It began in 1984 as a conference bringing together the world’s most creative and fascinating thinkers and doers. They were challenged to give an 18-minutes speech about their lives. In many cases on this website these thinkers offer proposals, practices, and theories which explore new media. For instance, in one recent talk my attention was riveted on a topic about how to discover “the sixth sense.” This project involves wearing a device with a projector that paves the way for profound interaction with our environment. Please visit the link below for further information.
Whether in the house, in the office or in the street, the new media is capable of delivering fully personalized content that will short-link businesses to consumers without the need for other charges such as those charged by distributors. The new media aims to integrate all aspects of businesses in one brain under a unique conversational environment. The fulfillment of the mission of the new media is vitally connected to issues such as privacy and security. These issues demand thorough consideration before determining the desirability of the end product. This will be the choice of the new generation, the digital generation. It is they who will in the end define which media will take the lead in the future.

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