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International Nomads | Safio Online Soccer Game Scores With The Local Market And Competes Heavily In The International One


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Safio Online Soccer Game Scores With The Local Market And Competes Heavily In The International One

Within 60 Days of its launch, the Safio Online Soccer cup game achieved an overwhelming response from the kids in the region; the game was played more than 100,000 times and had more than 15,000 registered users playing the game on a regular basis.

The game brief according to Jihad Majzoub (International Nomads Business Development Manager) was to create and develop a soccer game with an innovative concept that will be appreciated by kids all over and that can create a sort of loyalty between the brand itself and the target segments that are primarily kids.
International Nomads came up with a creative concept and direction for the whole game and campaign by breaking boundaries of everything that has been done before: design and game play wise it was catered and customized for the brand and its audiance plus integrating with a comprehensive campaign that included truly engaging rewards method.
To create loyalty, and to guarantee that a relationship will be developed mutually between the kids and the game from all sides, International Nomads decided on adding extra elements on the pre-game stages in the sense of more interaction and features, like team customization feature where kids will enter to a real locker room and start creating and customizing their own teams and outfit color, logos, team name and Player Name giving the kids a feeling of starting on a task that should be continued, finished and repeated.
Having a score and leader board are usually a normal feature that can found in games all over and especially if there is a competition to be played. but what international Nomads decided to do is to add credits as well for each point earned, so in return, a Safio store was placed in the game where kids can go to and redeem the credits accumulated to empower their team or to even unlock some cool features. Implementing this was highly successful strategy wise, especially that this has been integrated offline through traditional medium, where a flyer was placed in each safio box that contains a power code combinations that after being entered in the game, would give the players extra features that unlocks specific competitions that are not normally accessed during the game.
A general overview of the game, it’s a fully developed flash game where the in game players were developed and designed in 2d having a 3d look and feel. Also, nice move were and have been implemented like the hyper shot and wall defenses which were the kind of moves that were highly admired by the kids. On another note, Safio branding was clear everywhere: there were some Safio Banners placed in the in-game football feild where the original Safio Character appears and cheers whenever a goal is scored along with having other promotional messages about the product that appears whenever the game is loading.

And we quote Mr. Samer Hamze (International Nomads Managing Director) by saying that “we at International Nomads attribute the success of this game, and for this integrated media strategy to Safio Management who primarily, have identified the benefits of the digital media and started investing in it since the last 2 years and secondarily, to the precise media plan that was executed by media insight that guaranteed good exposure to the game. “
As for the next step, Mr. Hamze is saying ” … this is just the beginning. We are now faced with a challenge of maintaining this success that has been reaped especially considering that we are in the digital media business where things are constantly changing ever so fast. Based on that, the game will be regularly updated by adding more features and functionality including Facebook integration that will be launched really soon which is an opportunity that we are looking forward to tackle from a social media perspective that could guarantee and assure for us an instant update about the game without forgetting the direct engagement with the fans and players. “

And finally, Mr. Hamze says “My valuable Team and I are extremely excited to be working on such amazing and fun projects. We look forward to what the future holds for us and are only eager to tackle it head on!”

Safio Cup Game

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