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International Nomads | When Brands Lose Face


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When Brands Lose Face

Lose Face

to do something which makes other people stop respecting you

Consider a situation where this is true, whatever a brand says, you believe non of it and then consider all the wasted efforts and money the Advertises puts out and all for nothing, maybe even causing more harm than good. Going on and never realizing the only way to fix things is by being more true to what really matters. Loyalty to their customers and the promises they make. Being true to all the messages they broadcast on a daily bases, messages and visuals that cost hard cash and lots of hard efforts and creative juice. Its sad, watching these TV ads that look so great and are done so well, and instead of feeling something positive, filling me with the need to consume their service or product, I nod my head left to right, (tisk, tisk), thinking to my self, “really? Do you really expect me to believe that? After what you have put me through?”

I personally can think of a few brands that fit this profile in the KSA market but won’t name any. Its great for the marketing, advertising and media industry, bigger consultation and creative fees, even more bloated production budgets and then finally the juicy broadcast media budget. Its grotesque, one would assume that some one up the ladder, high in the chain would say “look guys, let’s cut media spending this year and do things right, let’s work from inside out, focus on being honest and transparent with our self and what we really can offer, improving employee loyalty, which will only happen by them feeling proud for working for such an honest company that delivers what it says” imagine. It would be amazing, imagine being in the meeting room with all VP s’, board members, agency and media managers, and the consultant says this. Can you imagine what kinda situation that would be? It won’t happen I don’t think, would be cool if it does though. And I’m confident if they carry through with that sound advice, the results would be magnificent. People would love being associated with the brand, will be recognized by others as wise for choosing such a fine brand. The consumer will be waiting impatiently for the next product or service they put out in the market…

The saudi market is a rapidly developing one and we know this, our Team has veterans with many, many years in the market, I’ve personally been in Saudi for more than 20 years and at this stage in its cycle things won’t change anytime soon. The demand is massively great, and if you the consumer don’t like what I the Brand have to offer, just keep waiting in line and we will get to you shortly. (Once we get to you we would have wasted your time and offer you nothing close to what your in line for). Its sad but its true.

But do just imagine they did the right thing. I’m proud, my employees are proud, my customers are proud. Just for examples sake, the brands I have in mind, one in specific, remember different cases where I was in meeting with people high up the chain, in the HQ of the brand, and other times in their showrooms getting serviced by one of their sales employees, and both had zero loyalty to their company, one was telling me of all the BS they want to inject in their video and the other telling me not to buy a certain product cause its a rip-off.

So? Its like the boy who cried wolf, a liar screaming one too many false times about the wolf and then no one believed him anymore, in our case, it will be these high budget ads and communications that we learn to ignore and file as irrelevant, cuz we have heard it before.

So when a brand looses face, the damage is severe, fancy ads won’t fix it. Sincere, honest communication and action will.

I believe in the power of the small things and believe that the smallest of things has a direct influence in the result of bigger thing. Micro and Macro, butterfly effect, chaos or string theory; what ever way you know it.
Or how i see it,the world is big the world is small, everything matters or nothing at all.

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