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International Nomads | For all you Game savvies : International Nomads’ new online game projects.


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For all you Game savvies : International Nomads’ new online game projects.

Online games are becoming wildly popular among both game developers and players alike. The advent of online gaming has elevated the popularity of flash games to a higher plane; Online Flash Games (OFG) are more popular than ever before simply because they offer the website surfing user a few minutes of entertainment and time to kill, and a little bit of fun.

Children’s Online Games

Online games have become the best way to teach, engage and entertain the kids in an atmosphere that is truly an island of fun and happiness.

Based on that, International Nomads took upon its hands to develop, design and release 4 OFGs specifically tailored for the renowned SAFIO club website (www.safioclub.com) and that are oriented towards the children and adolescents segments. The concepts are from popular games, which we adapted to fit the brand.

So buckle up! Do your little finger stretching exercises and blow the dust of your keyboard:

Check out these games and Enjoy!

  • Safio Ingredients Dash game.

Description: Safio lead character must collect ingredients for his favorite drinks; he has obstacles and Bad guys he has to maneuver to get all his Ingredients!

Check it out on: http://safioclub.com/e_pages/e_games_ingredientsDash.htm

  • Safio Hide and Seek game.

Description: Crowds of similar looking characters will gather on the screen, standing, sitting, and riding down an escalator, and the player is given certain details to look for among them. The player then must pick out the characters that match the objective. The objectives range among finding two to five identical characters; finding the fastest characters; choosing a favorite and finding it again; or finding the “odd characters out” (doing things that other characters aren’t). Single player mode uses a timed system in which the time limit is extended upon finding the correct character(s), and multiplayer mode uses a scoring system where two players attempt to get the highest score within two minutes.

Check it out on: http://safioclub.com/e_pages/e_games_hideAndSeek.htm

  • Safio Germ Wars game.

Description: Using latest Nano Technology, Safio and His Battle ship will be shrunk down to enter into a Germ Warfare. He must beat the clock to a timely execution! Could be that The 5 flavors are the different types of arsenal he uses. Clearing the game indicates he has saved another body from bad germs!

Check it out on: http://safioclub.com/e_pages/e_games_germwars.htm

And finally,

  • Safio Character Maker game.

Description: The main objective is for the visitors/users to create the closest version of their character to resemble the SAFIO one. Users, after logging in to the game has the ability to choose their gender, take a web cam shot of themselves/or upload a picture from the desktop so that in return they modify it depending on the different props they chose which ranges from but not limited to:

  • Hair props
  • Glasses props
  • T-shirt props
  • Full outfit props
  • Accessories props
  • Different background choices

The end result would be that this generated character would be posted and viewed by other users- the fun factor resides that there is a star based voting system and the ability to comment on other user’s generated character made, along with the ability to view recent generated characters based on day/month/popularity.

The game has not been uploaded to the original gaming server and it is still in its tertiary testing phase, but we’ll be sure to update you with the necessary link to try the game out and as soon as possible.

We hope you enjoy these games as much as we did. For all you gamers out there, keep your Gaming hats on and stay tuned for more games, Courtesy of International Nomads: Creative collective.

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