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International Nomads | Introducing The World of Communications to Al Najd School’s Graduating Class of 2010


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Introducing The World of Communications to Al Najd School’s Graduating Class of 2010

Digital communication is growing and developing at epic proportions world wide, by thus many companies have shifted towards using less traditional forms of communications/advertising media, to more digital ones. To give an example, many magazine publishing agencies and news papers closed for good abroad, and went on a more digital approach by publishing their magazines and news papers online. If we have to focus more on the local scene, the regional and Saudi Arabian markets have a great potential in implementing digital medias due to the mass infrastructure designs that branches down and not limited to the internet, 3 G networks, fiber optics, high utilization of using smart phones, secure banking systems and ecommerce.

With such high potential and possibilities that are every where, most advertising and marketing sectors are finding it hard to find the necessary resources and man power to go Digital. Because of this severe lack, we at International nomads decided to take on our hands the task of educating the youth and enlighting them more about the whole digital communication domain. At the same time, Najd is the type of schools that likes to focus extensively on giving orientation about different career paths and opportunities that their students can take and especially after their academic schooling years.

Since we had a common focal interest with Najd school, the good people and staff of al Najd school, Represented by Mr Aref Zoq and Mr Rami Dandashi , gave us the privilege, time and space to lecture about digital communication and its evolution since the dawn of civilization till our present date which was presented by Mr Samer O Hamze, the Managing director of International Nomads and in front of more than a hundred high school students along side with staff members and teachers. We focused on lecturing 12 graders this year, but hopefully we will focus on meeting up with younger classes and even different schools next year because we think that its extremely beneficial to educate students and contributing in broadening their horizons by forecasting what possibilities they have laid down in front of them especially in the fast paced world we are living in .

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