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Fancy of Photography

It has been always said of photographers “we start by loving cameras; we end up by loving art”

That’s pretty much true. When we buy our first camera – no matter whether it’s expensive or cheap, with enhanced lenses or fixed ones, digital or reel – when we use it for the first time and take our first shot we fall in love with our photo. Even if it didn’t fit with the standards for the perfect photo, we see it in our eyes the most fantastic picture we’ve ever seen.

By practicing and observing  we realize that our first achievement wasn’t that great, however, we can’t prevent ourselves from admiring our composition. . After all, it is something we created.

The nature of our minds creates the three magic elements for taking nice and attractive shots, We can summarize  Theses magic elements as:

-          Defining the object

Each photo has a story and a reason behind taking it, it explains itself for the eye of viewer to recognize it and live it, like shooting kid in a sand box or a cowboy in the middle of green field

-          Gaining attention and focus

To make the eye of the viewer directly gazed upon our photo. It can be achieved by using a lot of techniques; one of them is size relativity, like shooting Bill Gates in a way he looks bigger than others to highlight his genius mind, or using high shutter speed to freeze Shcumacher while he is driving his car at 280 km/hour.

-          Simplicity

Reflecting the object with excluding any distractive surroundings and eliminate any useless points in the photo, like shooting a flower in the middle of nowhere, or shooting the sunset with its most  beautiful colors.

No matter what camera brand we use, our minds naturally drive us to follow these three elements to make our photos attractive for others to gaze upon. With time passing on, our eyes will develop in a way to frame every object we lay our eyes on. Then we end up by creating our own shooting styles and technique. That is the “Fancy of Photography”.

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