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International Nomads | Announcing A Strategic Creative Media Alliance With FFF


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Announcing A Strategic Creative Media Alliance With FFF

IN + FFF = Visual Excellence

IN + FFF = Visual Excellence

International Nomads: Creative Collective (IN) is proud to announce our strategic business alliance with the Fantastic Film Factory (FFF). We are coming together to offer unique and comprehensive Digital Communication and Production services. IN being one of the leading Digital Communications establishments, providing Digital Marketing & Advertising services, teaming up with the well known Fantastic Film Factory, a leading, 15+ year old Production and Post Production company, based in Beirut, was a natural step forwards our common vision in achieving continuous growth and providing quality services to our clients.

This alliance was activated in realizing our common business outlook, we are confident this will directly benefit our clients by adding a wider range and better value in our services. The nature of the alliance places IN as an official and sole representative of FFF in the Saudi Arabian Market, the same goes to FFF where they will handle every client & market related operations in Lebanon.

Established in 1991, the Fantastic Film Factory is one of the leading production houses in the region. It provides Film Production and Post-Production – creates everything from Feature Films, TV Commercials, Documentaries, all the way to TV identities. In addition to the services, its portfolio covers a wide range of success rated outcomes in the Arab & international media. Moreover, its creatives are very talented & skilled in their respective fields. As to showcase the portfolio of FFF, L’Azurde featuring Elissa, Sunsilk featuring Myriam Fares, Pepsi, and Persil are just a few to name out of numerous projects done by FFF.

Most of you know what we have been up to; here is a quick list of a few, our Bravo Promo video, Ghassan Jewellery, Abu Nayyan Trading Corp. Marketing and Creative Service, STC/Gitex Game “Huroof wa Ouloof” game show featuring Mohammad Al Shehri.

There is nothing that will stop us from growing and expanding – not only our businesses & expertise, but also expanding our Collective of Creatives – the life blood of any Communication based agency. You have seen a lot of as such over the past few years and we promise there is a lot more to be seen over the years to come. This marks an exciting milestone whereon a new chapter in “A Story in Everything We Do” is being written.

Check out FFF’s Production work on our ShowReel Page,

Check out their Website for more of their notable work www.TheFantasticFilmFactory.tv

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