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International Nomads | Calling All Arabs/ME’s: Mission Create and Communicate…


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Calling All Arabs/ME’s: Mission Create and Communicate…

I have been back in KSA for a little more than 3 years. It has changed very much and change is happening a lot faster than it used to. I can say this is also true about the region as a whole; This is a good thing.

What bothers me though is the lack of “Popular” Arab oriented media out there that tackles our world, beliefs and lifestyle. Yes, there are plenty of movies, dramas, talk shows, (not many that are worthwhile in my opinion) but that’s not really what Im thinking about.
Talking about Arab oriented Games, Movies, websites and online services.

Imagine games that educate our youth about our history (games similar to Rome and other strategy/RPG oriented games ), key events, some to be proud of  and others that should not be forgotten.
Imagine, movies and cartoons similar to those of Hayao Miyazaki, teaching our youth about respect, achievement and other wonderful things (be sure that most of us grew up on this guys cartoons, Adna wa Lina is one Im sure we all know)
Recently been reading English books written by Arab authors… what a delight… to read stories about a world I belong to and am familiar with! It empowers me… it motivates me.

This is my plan, one of our main Visions at International Nomads (recently realized)…
Empower the region; empower through highlighting so much fascinating history to be proud of but through time and dominant media making us forget, through beliefs and a region so dynamic and unique, if we keep it in mind can (and Im not being dramatic) change the region for good
(will reveal more of this plan soon)

So all ye reading this, take this as a calling, spread it and share it, to all creative and communication oriented Arab/ Middle easterners!
We would love to hear from you and get connected, work with you and discuss your thoughts your dreams and ideas.
Through collaboration and dedication the limits are null.


I can be reached through posting your feedback bellow,  Facebook, Linkedin, and ofcourse the contact info on our site www.in-hq.com

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