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International Nomads | Why The “Digital” Needs To Be Worked In From The Beginning


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Why The “Digital” Needs To Be Worked In From The Beginning

In our world and what a world it is, there is no doubt that a Marketing and Advertising Plan for Digital activities needs to be worked in from the beginning. In our school, marketing and advertising is a closed loop, each complements and completes the other. Having your yearly plan set and then in the middle of it partaking in Digital activities can be a waste of time and money. Simple

Digital is beautiful, its powerful and above all its dynamic, measurable and interactive. A marketing plan that includes these in its mix will truly be on top of the response chain.
What’s the problem though?
From being in the market for the past three years we have discovered that most (if not all) our clients do not plan for digital Activities in their initial Marketing Plan. Lets step back a bit and define what I mean by the loosely and widely used term.

Digital Advertising, to us, falls in 4 main categories, Broadcast, Narrowcast, Online and Mobile. I’m sure Broadcast is self explanatory and everyone has seen at least 1 TV commercial in their life, Narrowcast is similar to broadcast , but its audience is usually restricted and is can be a little more targeted. Online, is a whole universe and mobile is dependant on the handset you are using. Each one of these is a potential point of communication and interaction. Notice the word Interaction, with traditional media, this word may not be used, but with the digital, your audience can partake in many beautiful and entertaining things. Its just up to the Marketing and Creative Team to include it and consider it in their Plan.

The world is heading, and ever so quickly, in the Digital direction, its quick and fun, but there are many ins and outs that need to be considered and understood. A Digital Marketing and Advertising Team (like International Nomads for example) can help you brand adapt and deploy the right mix to insure your expected returns on investment. So, the answer to the Why? Because if not, you will end up spending money on something you think will get your results, but without the proper planning and complementary tools it would prove worthless.

I give an example, actually I wont as I have many bad ones, so ill say this, each medium of communication has to be treated separately in a Campaign. So, A brochure is a brochure, and a website is a website, Data of your Brochure put on website does not make a Brochure, but a webBrochure. Simple!

So, the Digital, has to be worked in the Marketing plan from the beginning to insure an effective loop of communication. Each medium needs to be planned for as a whole then separately, considering the overall objectives, and then breaking it down to the different tools out there to see how each can play its role in making the stated objectives a reality!

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