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Fun Online Drawing Tools!

Check out these different tools giving you the ability to make your mark in different ways!
its great fun and sooo much time wasted on these :p

A Great Riyadh City Resource

A quick share of a great resource for people living in Riyadh, check out the links bellow!

Most useful to me has been the Lists section. Which has business, embassies, companies and best of all compounds listings for our beloved Riyadh City.

Things like events, different types of news and entertainment in vast categories can be found on this great site!

Creative Arabs: Online Presance

Recently been doing searches on Creatives from the region and have begun to find some great stuff. Few years ago i perfomed similar search and turned up with nothing… today, times are a changing!

Announcing A Strategic Creative Media Alliance With FFF

This alliance was activated in realizing our common business outlook, we are confident this will directly benefit our clients by adding a wider range and better value in our services. The nature of the alliance places IN as an official and sole representative of FFF in the Saudi Arabian Market, the same goes to FFF where they will handle every client & market related operations in Lebanon.

psd tuts, Danny Outlaw Thinks We Are Amongst The Top Designers in The Middle East and Africa

Danny Outlaw Thinks We Are Amongst The Top Designers in The Middle East and Africa

Calling All Arabs/ME’s: Mission Create and Communicate…

So all ye reading this, take this as a calling, spread it and share it, to all creative and communication oriented Arab/ Middle easterners!
we would love to hear from you, work with you and share your thoughts your dreams and ideas.
Through collaboration and dedication the limits are null.

International Nomads Gets Royal Recognition

Earlier last we week we got invited to the official launching of the Saudi Alzheimer Disease Association which took place at the prestigious Nayyara Conference Center in Riyadh. The launching was Hosted and behalf of HRH Prince Ahmed Bin Abdulaziz and organized and headed by HRH Princess Madawi Bint Muhammad Bin Abdullah. The whole event from beginning to end was informative and smooth, in the entrance our Little video greeted everyone, and as you proceeded down the halls had the chance to watch some informative videos about the disease.